Wednesday, August 12, 2009

That crazy iPhone

I read an article about how the iPhone is for “taking care of business” and all the savvy tools and apps that are useful for small companies as they pound the pavement; I agree. What the article failed to mention is how the iPhone has as many glitches as a new Microsoft operating system. When I'm trying to call a client I do not need my phone to go black and when it does come back on, with or without the assistant of a iPhone Tech, I do not want to see a never ending listing of "blank names" in my phone book, nor do I need to have roving icons. A friend of mine has the new iPhone, her application icons roam - Google icon will become the icon for some database application, yahoo icon will mask a game, etc. Another friend said her phone went black, working with a Tech over the phone she was told to sync it - she did, it synchronized for 2 hours, locking her out, when it was done she no idea what was synchronized and what wasn't. What professional wants to be in middle of making that important client call and the phone goes black or the screen turns white and you cannot see who is calling or even use the phone – had the experience, it is very frustrating.

With all the craziness I like the iPhone, it is a business tool, you can actually see what you are doing and the keyboard is great when I cannot find my glasses and need to text. I like that I can get and send email in real time and do a little research while mobile, among other tasks. Yes, it has the potential to be an asset to us small business owners on the move with all the available business apps, only after they get the glitches out. Making trips to the iPhone store and phone calls to tech support can get old really fast. It would be highly embarrassing to click on the database icon to market your services to the client sitting with you and up pops a game. Our trip to the iPhone store was a breeze – the Tech swapped the broken phone for another, an even exchange, no questions asked. That tells you something.


  1. The iPhone is pretty nice; however, I still see it as more of a multi-media device as opposed to a PDA/Smartphone. Don't get me wrong, I think it has great potential for business usage; however, the AT&T monopoly on its phone service is its own antithesis, which is a compromise that a lot of business owners cannot afford to risk.

    The Blackberry has still proved its reliability for a business smartphone, and that's my personal choice.

  2. Follow-up... You may want to check out the new HTC (Android OS) that is coming out soon. I think it will give the iPhone a major run for its money.